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The History of the Company p.5
Unit 1. New Markets Are Vital p.11
Unit 2. A Visit to the Factory p.18
Unit 3. An Emergency in the Sales Office p.25
Unit 4. Trouble with a Special Order p.33
Unit 6. Appointing the New Advertising Manager p.41
Unit 9. Productivity – A Work Study Survey p.49
Unit 10. The Pension Fund Meeting p.57
Unit 12. A Labour Dispute p.65
Unit 13. Risk of a Takeover p.75
Unit 15. Dealing with an Important New Market p.83
Unit 17. The New Board of Directors p.90
Unit 19. Auditing the Accounts p.99
Unit 21. Debtors p.107
Unit 23. Insurance p.114

Who’s Who in the Company

Harper, Ambrose - Board of Directors’ Chairman

Grant, Wingate - late Managing Director, Hector Grant’s father

Grant, Hector - present Managing Director – the executive director in charge of the day-to-day running of the company

Wiles, Peter - Production Manager – executive in charge of production of goods in the factory; son of Mr. Grant’s sister - Hector Grant’s nephew, later Director

Martin, John - Sales Manager – executive in charge of promoting sales of the firm’s goods

Corby, Elizabeth - Hector Grant’s efficient secretary

Fielding, Ted - Works Manager

Buckhurst, William - Company Secretary, F.C.A. (a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants)

Thorn, Christopher - Management Trainee.

Mr. Roberts - Representative of Brown & Johnson, Insurance Adjusters

Mr. Baker - Chief Clerk in the General Office

Fenella - inexperienced shorthand typist

Jane - secretary of Peter Wiles

Mr. Windsmore - applicant for a job of an advertising manager

Harvey, Joanna - Advertising Manager

Mr. Scott - representative of Smith-Weston Consultants Ltd.

Ian Hampden, Ian - Personnel Manager

Green, Jack - Shop steward

Smith - an operative

Mr. Brewer - Bank Manager

Mr. Wentworth - the owner of the rival company (mattress-makers)

Mr. Brent - Chief Auditor

Donald Kennet - a clerk

M.Shuttleworth - Sales Representative

The History of the Company

Phrase list

Practise the pronunciation of the following words and word combinations; quote the sentences in which they are used in the text. Consult a dictionary and translate them into Russian.

Managing Director

Production Manager

Sales Manager

To be in one’s fifties

To be semi-retired

To attend the board meetings

To put the business on its feet

To capture a contract to supply somebody with something

Happy coincidence

To turn something into success or failure

To give somebody a higher command

To land one’s contract

To catch fire in a government department

To destroy a number of irreplaceable documents

To manufacture items of office equipment

Filing cabinets

To list in the catalogue

To run a business

To join the company

To be adventurous

To treble one’s business

To increase profitability and competitiveness

To have experts on the staff

To hire expert advice from outside consultants and bureaux

To be aware of the more sophisticated techniques

Electronic data processing

Task 1